Download the preliminary analysis

The Velani tool allows you to quickly identify the installations with the highest savings potential, and especially those that are good candidates for in-depth analyses with measurements.


Version with online help files

The help files are loaded from the Internet if required. It is the easiest version of the tool

Download the excel file (.xlsm) [V5, 1 MB] Note: with some browsers .xlsm files are no longer downloaded with one click. In this case, press the right mouse button on the link and save the target from the link;
Save the file to a folder (“Save as”).
Open the file and activate the macros (the source code is public).


Version with local help files
The help files are in the ZIP file. The tool can be used without an internet connection.

  1. Download the tool [V5, 7 MB]
  2. Select and click on “Save as” to save the Outils V5_L_EE.zipZIP file in a folder
  3. Unzip the file. In the unziped folder you should find the folder “InformationsEN” at the same place as the excel file. This folder contains the .htm file.
  4. Open the excel file.

In order for the help files to be displayed in the tool, the excel file must be located in the same directory as the “InformationsEN” folder.


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